Great service. But above all, HONEST service. You can’t beat that.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/23/2018

Good service, great job on my car and quick turn around. Ryan did a great job explaining the maintenance repairs that were needed.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/17/2018

Quality job, quality people!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/16/2018

I've been taking my car to Parra for a couple of years and always receive the most efficient and courteous service. Highly recommend!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/15/2018

Great customer service!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/15/2018

My first ever using services from Para car care due to being sent there from discount tire on repair at their expense . While in the waiting room I really appreciated how things clean and well kept and the mechanics looked very proffesional and had good attitudes !! I began asking the receptionist questions about parts and how my vehicle needs mainly oem parts and was told that oem parts are all the shops uses for vehicles which impressed me even more with the proffesionalism of things because of the fact small shops can often put other parts on your vehicle besides oem and not want to warranty or be accountable. After meeting one if the senior mechanics he basically showed how high tech their equipment was when he hooked up a flash scanner that could even read that i had one window not working along with the trouble code . These guys from what ive seen , invest in the best and I will be turning for alot of service in the future !!

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 3/12/2018

They did a great job on my 2005 Toyota Camry. Was in and out on the same day and under the estimate they quored. Will definitely come back when one of my cars needs work done.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/9/2018

As usual, excellent service, friendly employees, fair prices. Almost feels like family when dealing with these great people.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 3/8/2018

Ryan and his team have helped us with our cars more times than we can count. Thanks also to Shannon for always being so friendly!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/7/2018

Ryan, thanks for getting the truck fixed so quick, that's the 2nd time you guys came thru for me.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 3/4/2018

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