Great place.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/20/2017

I always feel well taken care of with an explanation of what was done and what to keep an eye on in the future. I have never felt I was sold something I didn’t need.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/19/2017

Great work like always great customer service my #1 place for my vehicle

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 11/18/2017

I just got my van fixed and a very large portion of the invoice was covered under their warranty, they did not have to do that but they felt there was a chance that one of the items needing repair may have been an oversight on a previous repair almost 6 months ago, now you may say well that's not good they made a mistake, but I want to know the last service of any kind you received, where without asking, and after 6 months,and only because of a possibility, some one took it on the chin and did not try to slip it over on you. I'll take that confidence in a mechanics shop any day!! Oh by the way my vehicle runs great, it has 185k miles on it but they keep it running. Lots can keep going wrong on a vehicle with high miles which makes it even nicer they took care of some of this go around "under warranty"

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 11/17/2017

Prompt good service

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/14/2017

I appreciate you timely and quality service each time I visit your shop. Shannon and Nate are great.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 11/13/2017

Excellent customer service. 1st rate. I highly recommend them.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 11/13/2017

Parra Car Care’s service is absolutely outstanding. Their clean shop and professional employees give you a great deal of confidence that the work being performed is going to be done correctly. I have been using their services for over a year and I would not go anywhere else at this point.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/9/2017

very honest and reliable. deliver what they promise when they promise it.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/8/2017

The folks at Parra Car Care are great! My car's check engine light was on. They checked it out and explained the problem. My exhaust wasn't exhausting properly. It is either a relay or a part. Since it was not a scheduled appointment, and was, of course, on a Monday, we decided it was best to bring the car back on Wednesday. (This repair is not a life threatening issue.) Shortly thereafter, the light went out! While other repair shops would have fixed the problem anyway, the professionals at Parra Car Care simple explained the relay was probably stuck and seems to be working. Wait until the light comes back on and we'll look at it again. Once again, they refused to do unnecessary repairs. High integrity!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 11/7/2017

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