I'm new to the area so having a place that I feel will be honest and provide quality car care at a good price is a true sense of satisfaction and trust. I think my car was approaching a critical state and needed an immediate intervention. Battery failed and I had a hunch the alternator was the reason. I was driving to a parts store to get the alternator tested but the car wasn't doing too good.On the way the dash wasn't showing any signs of life,gauges weren't working,no dash lights, the car wouldn't go out of the park mode without a manual override. I made it to the store and the battery was replaced,alternator tested and it failed. I got a recommendation from the parts store to call Parra and the team there was wonderfully able to find an alternator and the main fuse for my Toyota since most of the fuse parts are housed in Houston. This great team got me back on the road in a few hours! I will take my car to them for my future car repairs and will let my coworkers know about them too.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 9/20/2017

Great service once again. These guys are great and have become like family!

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 9/19/2017

Again the guys at Parra have done a great job of keeping me informed the repairs being done and suggested , Thanks to Shannon and Nate they do a great job .

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 9/9/2017

As always excellent service

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 9/8/2017

Guys are great. Slipped me in and got the alignment done. It now tracks so much better. And my steering wheel is no longer cockeyed. Thanks so much.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 9/1/2017

I took my van in for alignment and I was in and out in 30 minutes. They are professional and efficient. The waiting area is clean.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 9/1/2017

This place is great. They were very honest with me and not shady at all like a lot of previous shops I've dealt with. The price was excellent too.

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 8/31/2017

Great service with a smile. Family owned and friendly local feel. I just needed registration inspection and they were quick to get me checked in and serviced. Will try them again when need to service car.

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 8/31/2017

Very knowledgeable, straightforward, honest care car during every visit. The best!

5 Parra Car Care - Euless 8/31/2017

You were courteous, fast and did what we requested. Thanks

5 Parra Car Care - North Richland 8/22/2017

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